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Our research services company, Xonomic Research Services, Inc. offers "EB-5 Project Compliant Documentation" required by the USCIS for any project submittal to them for approval under the "EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program".  

There are six (6) Stages for document preparation in the following.


STAGE 1.   Client Information

STAGE 2.   Project Concept and Viability

STAGE 3.   Document Preparation

A.   Business Plan (USCIS Compliant, "Matter of Ho")

B.   Financial Projections

1.   Budgets

2.   Five Year Financial Project

3.   Financial Statements

C.   Solicitation Package

1.   Private Placement Memorandum

2.   LLC Operating Agreement

3.   Escrow Agreement

4.   Investor Subscription Agreement

D.   Economic Analysis Report

E.   USCIS Application

STAGE 4.   Presentation

STAGE 5.   Revisions

STAGE 6.   Deliver Application





We have over eight years of experience providing business consulting to the EB-5 immigrant investor space. Our EB-5 Compliant Program focuses on providing clients with services that promote business consulting in the following areas: 


Project Management

I-924 Application for Regional Center: Having worked on many successful I-924 applications we have built a model to provide improved planning and strategy to construct the application package. We offer full project management of the application process from A to Z so we do not disrupt our clients’ daily business responsibilities. We also manage the relationships and support interactions with legal counsel, economists and financial resources to align communications, speed up the application process and to create quality, consistency and accuracy.


Business Modeling

Through our workshop and research we can understand what your business model actually is. Then we can describe how your new commercial enterprise and organization creates, delivers and captures value in an aligned fashion. We then question, challenge and ultimately transform your model to be EB-5 compliant. We then define a better model that will describe how your organization intends to make money, create jobs and economic impact.


Strategic Business Planning

To draft a custom business plan we analyze and map your business model and then help you develop a process of defining strategy and direction for making decisions about allocating your organization's resources to develop and execute your plan, including capital and people. Our proven business analysis techniques are used in strategic planning. This is the formal consideration of your organization's future course. In order to determine where your organization or project is going, we help determine where you want to go and how you will get there.


Business Plan Writing

We can convert an existing, well-drafted business plan into a feasible, credible, EB-5 and Matter of Ho compliant business plan that is likely to be approved by USCIS adjudicators, including modeling of geographic, marketing, administrative, operations and job creation strategies to be included in the plans. Our job creation strategies focus on providing in verifiable detail how they will be created.


Regional Center Operational and Administrative Plan

We have experience in how a regional center should operate in its day-to-day business activities, including how to source, deploy and report the use of EB-5 capital to fund new commercial enterprises or projects, as well as the job creation verification process. We analyze the sponsor’s resources and describe what additional resources will be needed to operate the regional center, and we clarify the goals and objectives of the regional center.


Marketing Planning

We help vet the immigrant investor market or country that the sponsor intends to target. We then create the marketing strategy for the regional center to recruit investors and dealer brokers. We interact with securities law counsel to draft the plan that will provide a road map for the implementation of a marketing plan for the regional center.


Execute Operations

To provide full or partial support for day-to-day operations after the creation and approval of the regional center.


Request for Evidence (RFE) Services 

We provide I-797E (Notice of Action) strategy, support and advisory on how to respond to complex RFEs. We project manage the RFE response timing and process by aligning resources and communicating the needed information to legal counsel, and in turn, the USCIS. We have an instinct for what adjudicators are looking for from years of experience dealing with multiple RFEs.


Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) Services

We provide I-797E (‘Notice of Action") strategy, support and advisory on how to respond to complex NOIDs. We project manage the NOID response timing and process by aligning resources and communicating the needed information to legal Counsel and in turn the USCIS. We have an instinct for what adjudicators are looking for from years of experience dealing with NOIDs.



We help regional centers structure amendments to their designation to include additional NAICS industry categories and/or expand their geographical area. This is typically done when a new project is identified and a document package is needed for submission to the USCIS by legal counsel.


Project Due Diligence

We assist regional centers that want to fund an outside project or enterprise by conducting the needed due diligence, including analyzing the project or enterprise and all of its components. We carefully underwrite the project and confirm the job creation, Targeted Employment Area (TEA), financial performance, returns on investment and offering structure. Subsequently, we can convert the business model and plan to be Matter of HO compliant and to align it with the goals and objectives of the regional center funding the project.


Joint Ventures

We assist in forming and structuring regional center joint ventures with other regional centers to share industry categories and geographical areas and to promote and participate in projects. We define the business agreement in which the parties agree to develop, for a finite time, a new job creating enterprise and project by contributing funding and resources. We model and draft the strategic plan that will be in line to share revenues, expenses and assets.



We provide assistance with the business matters related to agreements and communication carried out between a buyer and a seller to exchange an asset for payment. We assist regional centers that intend to acquire an enterprise or asset. We help describe the strategy of the exchange of items of value, such as information, assets, services, and capital.


Investor Relations

We help structure shareholder meetings, investor conferences and private meetings with investors, language and cultural strategies, briefings, investor relations sections of company websites, and regional center quarterly and annual reports. We help in the transmission of information relating to job creation and the overall project performance, plus intangible values such as the regional center’s policy.


Interim Project Management

When the regional center has an interim need, we conduct the planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling of resources to achieve a specific goal. We can outline the temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end to meet unique goals and objectives. We strive to bring about beneficial change or added value. We define the project goals and objectives while honoring the scope, time, quality and budget.


EB-5 (Direct Investment) Services for Developers and Sponsors

Business advisory, partnership structuring and business planning to raise capital in international markets, including describing the offering and direct job creation to explain the EB-5 option and requirements to immigrant investors and to make the documents EB-5 compliant. We interact with legal counsel to develop compliant and effective investor packages and distribution plans to access the immigrant investor market.





  • Project management for I-924 Application for Regional Center
  • Regional center operational and administrative plan
  • Business plan preparation
  • Marketing strategies and studies
  • Organizational chart
  • Geographical area strategies
  • TEA designations
  • Project analysis
  • Project management
  • Investor management system
  • Initial branding recommendations and public relations analysis
  • Job creation strategy
  • Request for Evidence (RFE) Services
  • Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) Services
  • Regional center operations





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