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– Development Analyst
– Research Analyst
– Community Relations


Global Marketing

– Exhibits & Seminars
– Latin American, China & Europe
– Marketing Agents


Compliance Regulations

– USCIS Compliance
– Governmental Requirements
– Immigration & Legal


Operation Administration

– Finance & Accounting
– Human Resources
– Administrative Services


The EB-5 Regional Center (RC) is a service agent organization for investors and companies looking to complete a project under the EB-5 Program. A regional center can be any private or public economic entity that is involved with the promotion of increased domestic capital, job creation, improved regional productivity, and increased economic growth. Regional centers are best for EB-5 applicants who are more concerned with obtaining residency status rather than directly managing an investment on their own.
An RC represents one of two ways for EB-5 investors to obtain conditional permanent residence; the other being direct investment into a new commercial enterprise. Instead of investing directly into the project, the RC sets up an investment fund for the benefit of the EB-5 investors. Investors purchase equity stakes in the investment fund. Then, the fund either purchases equity in the job creating entity (the equity model) or loans the job creating entity money (the loan model). The job creating entity then uses the investment from the fund in the project to create jobs indirectly.
Southeast Florida EB-5 Regional Center, LLC. has four main departments that administer the operations of the “EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program” in the State of Florida.  The departments include:


                                                 EASY TO MEET THE REQUIREMENT OF JOB CREATION
Southeast Florida EB-5 Regional Center will not designate any project until it has undergone the required due diligence.  The proposed creation of jobs will most likely meet the requirements from USCIS for the investors to successfully obtain their permanent green cards.

                                                             LOW RISK FOR THE FILING OF I-526
Investors will get back all the funds if I-526 was denied by USCIS (less legal filing fees and administration fees).

                                                                       LOW RISK INVESTMENT
Southeast Florida EB-5 Regional Center focuses on acquiring low risk quality projects to benefit the Regional Center, as well as the immigrant investor.

                                                                         POSITIVE CASH FLOW
Southeast Florida EB-5 Regional Center, LLC. will not have debt or mortgages against the real properties of a project which ensures a positive cash flow every year.





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