Great American Diner Restaurants

"Building and Property Equity"


Great American Diner will be a moderately priced, casual-theme, family style restaurant serving high quality traditional American home cooked comfort food.  The service style of the restaurant will be a table service featuring a professional wait staff in the style of the 1950's; a counter service and stylized booth seating with an operational Juke Box for selection of music.

The Great American Diner will be a free standing building of approximately 3,184 square feet.  This will be a modular steel and concrete building built in a factory and shipped to the site.

The restaurant will have 160 seats total, 50 in the dining room  (banquet facility), 15 counter seats, and 95 seats throughout the diner which includes tables and booths.  Our other services will include catering as well as a take-out room available with a separate entrance. The Great American Diner will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The restaurant anticipate offering the choice of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals continuously, throughout the day.

The Project consists of 8 restaurants with strong financials and each restaurant will be seeking 6 EB-5 immigrant investors for a total of $3,000,000 per restaurant

Total project costs required for all 8 restaurant locations is $24,000,000 with 48 investors.

The Great American Diner project will be administered though a USCIS approved and designated regional center located in Florida.


This location has been certified and designated as a “TEA” zone, therefore qualifying the investment for the $500,000 investment requirement using  proven and approved job creation methodology.   The job creation report has been established by USCIS approved and noted economist.


The purpose of the EB5 investment is to fund the development and operation of a Great American Diner restaurant that will be located in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami/Dade counties in South Florida.  


The Great American Diner will have the ability to sell alcohol at all of its locations - a very important feature that will be a major driver of restaurant sales given the large number of visitors/vacationers that come to South Florida.   The restaurant will be open 24 hours, offering an opportunity to cater to “late night” party crowd and offering breakfast (all day) to the early beach and shopping  goers.


Investment will be in the form of a Limited Partnership; the developer will be the General Partner (GP) and the six EB5 investors will be the Limited Partners (LP).  All of the necessary approvals to build are in process.   EB5 capital will be used for labor costs, construction, working capital and any additional improvements.



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