I-4 Automall Project

Automall View from I-4

I-4 Automall Grand Dealer Boulevard

Automall at Night on I-4

The traditional paradigm for car dealerships grouped together and labeled as an “Auto Mall” is usually more like an Auto Mile. Acres upon acres of cars, spread out all over the place, buildings sprawling across an endless sea of asphalt and no easy way to navigate it all! That’s hardly a good experience for either the customer or the dealership employees. It's such a wasteful concept too.


 Our objective is going vertical! That’s the solution. Sharing resources such as stormwater management, conservation areas, and internal roadways saves every dealer money! Other service expenses such as security, landscaping, and irrigation will also be discounted considerably. Bargaining power for the dealer occupants of the I-4 Automall will bring further savings to the bottom line. The facilities will be far less expensive to insure, vehicle inventory management will be vastly improved and inclement weather will no longer stop shoppers.


Each of the dealerships will enter into a lease/purchase arrangement with the -I4 Automall, LLC for a 5 year term with a fixed purchase price upon expiration of the initial, 5 year lease. Each dealership will also execute an Industrial Area Services Agreement (IASA) with the I-4 Automall, LLC. Services such as security, vehicle distribution, landscape and common area management, solar power facility, rainwater harvesting functions, geo-thermal, chiller and heat exchanger access and other infrastructure services will be included.

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